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     Academy Lecture Contents



Lecture title for Oxford Youth Academy

1. Mark Harrison

1) History: Science or Art?-What is history?
2) The Past and the Present-Why study history?
3) The Practice of History-What can we know about the past and how should we approach it?

2. Julian Savulescu

1) How to think ethically: Should we create designer babies?
2) How to think ethically: Should we make people more moral?
3) How to think ethically: Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in sport?

3. Michael Dunn

1) Why study social life?
2) Understanding the social reality of health
3) Social justice and caring for the elderly

4. Alan Hawley

1) Good Medicine in Bad Places-Rwanda, Afghanistan & Iraq 1
2) Good Medicine in Bad Places-Rwanda, Afghanistan & Iraq 2
3) Good Medicine in Bad Places-Rwanda, Afghanistan & Iraq 3

5. Jonathan Ives

1) Why study Bioethics?
2) Interdisciplinary humanities: Putting the SCIENCE into the SOCIAL
3) The problem with parents and the ethics of assisted reproduction

6. Robet Wiblin

1) Do we have an obligation to help the world's poor?
2) What do we think are the best programs in development?
3) What can development economists agree on?


7. Dr Peter Fifield

1) What is Literature?
2) What is Literary Criticism?
3) Why should we do Literary Criticism?
4) What/when is/was Modernism?
5) What can Samuel Beckett tell us about the brain?
6) What happens to illness in modernism?