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Alan Harwley

In today's world the imperatives of technology, ideas, economics, culture and psychology all bring pressures to bear on people. Yet what marks us out as special as a species are exactly these areas of human exercise. It is a paradox that the issues that define us are also the ones that vex and worry us most. This paradox bears some examination and analysis. It is precisely this intellectual examination that is presented by this course. One of its strengths is the eclectic nature of the process and the contributors. Narrowness of analysis is no basis on which to explore these issues. Rather, a syncretic approach using the intellectual views of differing academic disciplines is the most relevant. This is exactly the balance of the Faculty that will run this course for you. Scientists, social scientists and experts from the humanities combine to give insights and their different perspectives on the issues facing us today. It is a programme that gives an opportunity to think, reflect and question. Stimulation of thought and challenging of received wisdom are both essential elements of this intellectual discourse. This is the time and the chance to join this conversation. It is a debate that will run throughout the future at all levels of societies. Now is the chance to frame your ideas, insights and questions for the future challenges. Tomorrow's world is going to be exciting, stimulating, nerve racking and high octane. Tomorrow starts today and it starts with you. Make sure you have given yourself the opportunity to prepare for it. See you on the course.